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Artwalk Magazine Inc.

Artwalk Magazine Issue 02

Artwalk Magazine Issue 02

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Artwalk Magazine Issue no. 02

People are saying "Artwalk Magazine Issue 02 is something that belongs on someones fancy coffee table rather than just another art magazine." 

  • Over 100 artists featured on 95 pages
  • Every page has been carefully and custom designed
  • More than 10 full length, In-Depth Interviews of people in the arts
  • Includes a Full Length custom article called "Artists and Their Workspaces" featuring more interviews and ton's of images showing art studio/workspaces
  • Gallery Quality full color professional printing
  • Hard - Gloss - Front and Back Cover (inside and out)
  • So many different artwork in many different artist mediums
  • Full length In-Depth artist interviews.
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